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now...I'm not trying to discourage the relationship at all but I am gonna tell you my personal experience...If you're weak or unstable in your relationship you probably shouldn't read it

I met a guy online..he was so sweet and so loving. He lived in Washington..I'm in Texas..well we finally met up...he moved to Texas things were awesome..for about a month.

Long story short he ended up mentally and physically abusing me and he raped yeah I'm not too "pro-internet relationships" because you NEVER know how the person I coulda swore I knew him inside and out and I had no clue....
Like..people can do amazingly deceitful things with computers now..I have a friend who can record other people on webcam and play it back on his and it looks JUST like I'm watching another person....I'm not saying at all this is how it is I just want you to have the warning.

There is NOTHING wrong with a long distance relationship as long as you see each other and talk and's the internet part I have a problem with...when you've never even met...that makes it scary.

Just be careful PLEASE be careful.

"An it harm none, do what ye will."
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