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Originally Posted by kevin
Originally Posted by nwshc
Originally Posted by TheWizard
Whatever, Bush sucks donkey dicks.
Josh, read this:
You might learn something.

And I'm sorry you can not argure against facts. You just resort to name calling. Very sad it is. Infact all your statments against bush have lacked facts, and were identical to the statement above.
Nick, I cannot beleive you. Do you understand what condition josh is in. Maybe you'd understand that he can't comprehend things like we can. You do know what schizophrenic means, right? Because I think you should say sorry to josh, that's amazingly rude.
What, and that makes him an exception?! Just because he can't "comprehend" whats going on, mean I should leave him alone? Absolutely not. Odviously he can "comprehend" what is going on if he posts. Duh. If he doesn't like what I have to say, then so be it. But did you ever thing that in order to come in here, you must say alittle more than "Bush sucks donkey dick"? I am not going to treat him "special" just because he has a problem.
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