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Originally Posted by serial-thrilla
Originally Posted by kevin
Originally Posted by nwshc
Originally Posted by TheWizard
Whatever, Bush sucks donkey dicks.
Josh, read this:
You might learn something.

And I'm sorry you can not argure against facts. You just resort to name calling. Very sad it is. Infact all your statments against bush have lacked facts, and were identical to the statement above.
Nick, I cannot beleive you. Do you understand what condition josh is in. Maybe you'd understand that he can't comprehend things like we can. You do know what schizophrenic means, right? Because I think you should say sorry to josh, that's amazingly rude.
to be fair josh did say something offensive to someone who nick admires.
Being schizophrenic has NOTHING to do with anyone comprehension skills. I am schizo, and I don't have problems comprhending things. No, Josh is right. "President" Bush put the country in a deficit THAT IS COMMON KNOWLEDGE! Our country is broke, and it said on the World News early this morning (2:05am-4:00am Eastern Time) that not many are enlisting in the U.S. Military. And can you blame them? No one in their right mind would want to serve in Iraq where we don't belong. If we want to defend ourselves against terrorism, then we need to protect places that they could strike, BUT NOT EVERYONE ELSE. That may sound selfish, but AT the same time, we can't save the world.
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