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Default empty spaces.

I have no where to run.
Im always followed by a shadow.
I swear to god, its not me.
Im corrupting myself.
As I continue running from my fears.
More fears tackle me.
I have no escape.
Im trapped in a pitch black asylum.
Im falling further into this black hole.
empty spaces.

Im having SERIOUS writer's block..please help.


Dawn Looked at the child's face one final time.
Watching the tears run down the toodler's face.
She had to let go.
She couldnt care for him anymore. Tears swelled up in her eyes, Her body felt faint. The voices around her began to grow distant.
She held her hand on her breast. She fell on the floor. Her mistake was hurting another human.
She eventually picked up her despair and went on.
She put her cloak over her body.
She was so ashamed of herself.

That night she clung to her pillow tightly,
grasp the child's teddy bear in her hand,
and silently cried herself to sleep.
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