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Default Re: Can someone please help me with these problems?

Originally Posted by Marshki_Maggotpop View Post
-I can't sit in a room with the door wide open, it HAS to be shut otherwise I'll get angry and I'll start lashing out at people.

-I get really upset and frustrated if I have to sit on a chair at the edge next to the aisle in cinemas, school assembly, friends houses etc. I can't really explain it :S

-I can't stand it when there's a gap in the closed curtains or blinds.
same i don't know why i do but i do

Originally Posted by foof1 View Post

- I'm obsessed with the numbers 2 and 4. I have to doe things in a pattern that involves them.(like putting the dash i to start this point. its highlighted in red)

- I have to check my answers over and over again on tests.

- I'm terrified by germs and anything dirty.

- I have thoughts where if I do this rediculous my friends and family will not die.
same with the numbers thing exept i do that with 6 to

Originally Posted by Justwondering View Post
I havent been diagnosed with anything but im pretty shure I have Ocd Also. I do things like...

- When im walking home, I can only take two steps per sidewalk square, if there is 3 steps in one square ill only step once in the next square to even it out.
i do the exact same thing but i don't have OCD

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