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Originally Posted by .Swirling Blues.
Test studies showed that from years 200-2004, democrats had better high school test averages and scores! If THAT doesnt say anything than nothing will. We read about it in an old kid section of time magazine.
And who cares? How smart you are does not show what personality, and how well you are at handleing situations.

Originally Posted by teencrazykid
Well, think about it this way. Bush's propaganda speeches and causes are all nothing but bullshit, and your just another idiot who will believe anything the little dick says.
ah, yes. I am one of 51% of the rest of america(about 150,000,000) that would have rather had him president in 2004. Im sure that 51% of America would not like those harsh words.
Please DO us all a favor and PROVE your points rather than just pulling something out of your ass. Ah, you must not be used to that.
Your name calling just shows everyone else you are trying to salvage whatever little dignaty you have left after the pwnage laid upon you.
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