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... I think I may be breaking away from Richard ...
Today, I skipped 8th block (kind of, my dad wrote me a note to get out of class early) and went to go see my friend, he had to go to his parole officer. We were hanging out with my cousin and she was like telling us we need to go back out. He was standing there blushing and I hit her with my hoodie. Then we were in the middle of the street and I jumped on him and hugged him and he was like looking at me weird but he hugged me back. Then I was going around jokingly saying "where's my kiss?" and he kissed me! Whoa. Then my cousin left and me and him were walking and he said I was right that I look different and act different than before. We may go back out. He isn't sure. But it was so funny. Before I left he gave me two hugs. I gave him my blue slip and was like "I skipped class for you, keep it." Then he laughed and went to his parole officer. Weird.

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