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Originally Posted by .Swirling Blues.
How the hell do you guys think bush is a good president!
He is an average citizen, he is nothing extrordinary! He cant handle America, he cant handle war, he cant handle people, and he sure as hell cant handle our economy....Bill Clinton got our gas prices down to 80 cents a gallon where I lived! That is the lowest since the 70's! I know, I know..we weren't in war, but we shouldn't be in war considering that They had NO weapons of mass destruction! Bush lied, thousands died!
He is a good president because he is a good leader. He will not back down when people try to intimidate him/America (ie Saddam, Osama).
He can handle America. He has so far, and America had so much trust in him that they elected him for a second term. He can handle war. What you do not get is now that we have over thrown Saddam, we must commit to Iraq. We can and will not just get up and leave. So far he has not plunged our economy into a new depression, so that's a check in my book. With All war, you are going to see a dip in the economy. That's a given.
I admire bill Clinton and I am not denying him anything.
There was credible evidence that there were WMDs in Iraq. British intelligence even said so. Every Agency in America said so. I highly doubt that Bush held a gun to Britains, and American intelligences head and made them lie. Britain is also in this, and they also confirmed the WMDs.
Thousands died in the name of peace. What do you expect, that we go into war and come out without one injury? your expectations are way to high. This is war. This is reality.
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