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Originally Posted by teencrazykid
Well the hurricane response was TERRIBLE!!!!!! People waited five days, repeat FIVE DAYS for help!!!! Relief workers should have been posted near New Orleans, not hundreds of miles away!
Well guess what? The hurricane was not his problem. It was the Mayor of NO and the Govenor of Louisiana. They were the ones that were suppost to coordinate everything even before the first raindrop hit the ground. They failed. Yet you blame is on Bush. He can not focus on one state while he is running a country with 280,000,000+ people in it.

The war in Iraq lasting this long is UNNECESSARY! The people of Iraq dont want us there, so let them fall back under the clutches of Saddam.
What do you expect us to do? Overthrow a dictator and leave the citizens fending for themselves? We need to stay commited and help rebuild Iraq, no matter how long it takes. We started it, we must finish.
Bush is just wasting American dont see any of HIS family members over there, do what I thought.
I bet none of your family members are over their either, noob. Ya, thats what I thought.
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