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Originally Posted by teencrazykid
Or maybe the people who re-elected him ARE FUCKING MORONS JUST LIKE HE IS. He is bringing this country down, and we do not need him. Whoever would say that he's not a moron is in the same corner as he is. He really needs to resign, he's doing a sucky job. He has the past five years.
Look kid, you suck. Your facts suck (which to this point have only been opinions) and your arguments suck.

Did you ever thing that Bush got reelected because John Kerry is a fucking pussy? The only reason they voted for Bush is because the didn't want Kerry in office. That is how would have votes, and that is how many people voted.
Everyone would have much prefered if there were two different people other than Bush and Kerry, but out of the two, Bush is a better leader.
Got it? Now stop saying "Bush suck because I say so." That doesn't work.
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