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Originally Posted by teencrazykid
Actually, we shoulda took out Saddam and left Iraq. American soldiers shouldnt have to die defending those who dont even want us there!!!!!! The U.S. is in deficit, so apparently Bush lost the little brains he has somewhere....
the only ones that dont want us there are the rebels. EVERYONE ELSE DOES. you only know what you hear on the news, nothing else. GET YOUR FUCKING FACTS STRAIGHT.
the us has allways been in deficit, in fact one of the only presidents who has ever brought out of deficet would be prez clinton. Oh and to all of you who ruined my poem by being negitive.
name 5 things president clinton did to help this nation.
seeing as how you hate liberals
i never said i hate liberals. i said i hate citizens of america who are to blind to see what a great country we have.
and I wonder why bush let that happen, when he recived documents stating that osama bin laden was planing to do it. If you don't believe me. Ask Condaliza Rice(spelling) she is the one who gave him the document while he was on vaction in tx.
you do know that bush only got that report a few months before the attacks? do you really think he could send the whole military over to afganastan, hunt down bin laden, and apprehend him in that amount of time? and it's pure bullshit that he did nothing. look at how our country was united during september eleventh. i dont call that failure.
Conservatism: Caution or moderation, as in behavior or outlook.
Conservatives take caution in the government, and don't just pass radical ideas that they think at the time will help the country. and by the way, i wasn't calling you a liberal, i was using liberal as an adjective for democrat, which i was calling you.
Liberal: a. Not limited to or by established, traditional, orthodox, or authoritarian attitudes, views, or dogmas; free from bigotry.
if you didnt know, dogmas are an authoritative principle, belief, or statement of ideas or opinion, especially one considered to be absolutely true. belief, ideas, opinion. put into effect if they are only BELIEVED to be true. conservatives make sure they have everything straight before they pass it. obviously from this poem, you look at the negatives of america. THAT is why you are narrowminded, my friend.

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