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Originally Posted by <-Dying_to_Live->
cody i bet like 20 people just realized for the first time that canada had an armed forces
Yea I just found out yesterday!!! Who da thunk it!

yaaay go us!

I think it's getting bigger to...

"In February, the 2005 federal budget allocated $12.8 billion in new funding to Defence over a five year period" {thats allot for us were not a world power}

You should be proud redcar!
I'm proud of our peace keeping too
I belive in the United Nations and what it stands for and i'm proud that Canada is helping to maintain peace

That^ is when Her Excellency the Governor General Adrienne Clarkson visiting HMCS MONTRÉAL on christmas day in and around the Arabian Sea as part of Operation Apollo, Canada's military commitment to the international campaign against terrorism.

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