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Default Re: this is me now its how i feel

how old u?
i have adhd, and for many years of my life, i went around being completely unaware that my actions were both embarrasing, and on occasions, innapropriate. you have now clearly reached the stage where you start to realise just what it is you are doing, and as such, you will soon be able to make the adjustments you need to yourself in order to fit in better. (not that you should have to, people are rotten sometimes ) if people stare at you or look at you in a funny way, first look away from them and ignore them, but also think what it was you were doing that made them look. was it something you were doing, or was it just them?

i also find on occasion that my eyes tend to wander and i find myself randomly looking at someone because i thought they were looking at me. this then makes them look even more ^^;

so when you're out, slow your thoughts down and think about your actions first. and don't worry too much about improving yourself to fit in, as you're sure to pick up everything you need in time.
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