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Originally Posted by shaman57 View Post
i never hav ejaculations i can only hav orgasms do u know why???
First and foremost, how old are you?

You need to keep in mind that not all guys develop the ability to ejaculate right away, but many guys can at least masturbate and get an orgasm. My guess is that your body has not developed the ability to produce seminal fluid which is critical to ejaculate. As for exactly when you will ejaculate no one can give you a definite answer. However, keep in mind that for guys that produce pre-cum, which is the fluid that lubricates the urethra prior to an ejaculation, that the presence of that fluid indicates that one is close to ejaculating.

Don't worry if you cannot ejaculate right now as you will certainly do so sooner rather than later!

P.S. The following thread describes a guy's first ejaculation, and perhaps it can help you understand for what to look when you are close to ejaculating yourself:

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