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Default Re: Can someone please help me with these problems?

I havent been diagnosed with anything but im pretty shure I have Ocd Also. I do things like...

- When im walking home, I can only take two steps per sidewalk square, if there is 3 steps in one square ill only step once in the next square to even it out.

- The car radio volume or any volume can only be in mulitples of 2's or 5's.

- I can only have one bottle of one thing in the fridge. So if there is like 6 Bbq sauces Ill move them to other places, like cupboards, or the fridge in our garage.

- When eating anything like skittles or smarties, I have to sort out all of the colours, and then eat them in even numbers. If there are 25 red, Ill throw it out or get rid of it.

There's alot more things that I do. But dont feel like listing them all.

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