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Default Re: Jokes and Riddles

thats funny
A girl and a boy were playing naked in the sandpit.
The girl points at the boy's bits and asks what's that
The boy goes i don't know i will ask my dad
so the boy goes and asks his dad what's this
and the dad goes that my son is your motorcycle you shove it up a girls garage.
The next day the boy points at the girls bits and asks whats that
the girl goes i don't know i will ask my mum
so the girl asks her mum whats this
and the mum goes that my daughter is your garage you must never let any boy shove his motercycle up there.
The next day the girls mum heard a shout and her daughter running back with blood on her hands
the mum asked her what have you done
and the girl replied the boy tried to shove his motorcycle into my garage so i tore his wheels off.
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