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lights are just dumb,

2) my pc is water cooled
Are you trying to waste money?

5) my pc sits on the floor
That will heat up your computer faster than anything else, dust collects more than anywhere else on the bottom 6 inches of the floor, dust is isulation.

6) i have a mouse that lights up blue already#
but is it a blue laser mouse? the color and the laser are different things. My mom has a mouse with a blue LED in it, but its a red laser mouse.

lights on/in your case do nothing, I dont get why people do it, to sombody who knows what they are doing with computers, it just makes you look like dumb. spend money on your car, or somthing, theres got to be somthing better to spend money on than lights. Lights just have no purpose on a PC other than the power light.
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