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Bah, you just can't going around saying fuck you to every hater. You just can't. I don't like it, but you just have to take it and think to yourself I know America is not like that.
yeah, i know, but it just really pisses me off when an american talks lying trash about their own country, like this guy.
Yes we do have alot of work to do. What you people don't under stand is we are only 200+ years old! We are still learning. Places like england and europe have existed for hundreds of years, and they put that expirence to good use. We only have 200 years under our belt. We are still an ongoing project.
We have no such high teen pregnancies. That is a compleat lie. Teen pregnacies have been declining for 5 years, and most kids are waiting. Your comment has no basis.
Look around you. Bush is not throwing cash out to fucking sea you twat. Everything goes back to America! Learn about what you are fucking talking about.
can't agree more.

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