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Originally Posted by teencrazykid
Actually Kolte is right.....America has a lot of work to do.
America has a terrible crime rate, high teen pregnancies, and too many people who have trouble living on a daily basis because stupid ass Bush wants to spend money on stupid shit. As selfish as it sounds ITS AMERICAS MONEY...AMERICA SHOULD COME FIRST!!!!!!
first of all, bush is a good president, and you liberal democrats cant see that behind your narrow point of view. secondly, there are huge crime rates in every country. its not just something in america (again, a narrow liberal view). teen pregnancys happen everywhere, not just here, and bush isnt spending money on "stupid shit." is liberating Iraq not a good cause? liberal point of view. and, no matter what you say, bush does put america first. look at september eleventh, asshole.

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