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Today we got out of P.E. and Em told him I was upset so he came up to me and gave me a hug. A hug. And a kiss on the cheek. I was so upset. I told Samm about what happened with Dunagan. I think I have stronger feelings for him than what I thought. But when we got home the convo went like:

[email protected]: not gonna "go out with you again" but we can be unofficial for a while, like go places togather and still a cool guy ...even if i cant keep a secret

[email protected]: yeah
[email protected]: i wish i could say something but you would so take it the wrong way so i'm going to shut up

[email protected]: ...ok

[email protected]:

[email protected]: IM SORRY!!!!!...would you rather me break a promise?

[email protected]: no i'm just thinking now

[email protected]: ok....yu can drop kick richard next trime you see him

[email protected]: nope... i don't want nothing to do with him anymore]

[email protected]: if i see him and you're around you better hold me back

[email protected]: gotcha

[email protected]: ya know... i did alot for him... i gave up hugo for him... i stayed with him when he cheated on me.. uhm... let's see... well.. you don't know any of this but what he has done to me is pretty fucking low if you ask me

[email protected]: ....alright

[email protected]: do you see why i am pissed?

[email protected]: a little....but you do understand the dilema, right?

[email protected]: yes i do

[email protected]: ook

[email protected]: ugh...

[email protected]: i gotta go

[email protected]: ok

[email protected]: i guess i'll talk to you later

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