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Default America II

A land thats filled with benifits
Looks great from the outside
You don't imagine hipocrytes
commiting suicide
And a land that looks so beautiful
that holds such promise too
You cant imagine a more crul world
that nolonger holds itself true

If you roam across a sea or too
you will shore on a promise land
A place full of opritunity for you
A world that seems so grand
But if you step off of your boat
and delve in through the thick
you will discover death afloat
And it may make you sick

The people inside don't give a damn
about themsleves or one another
They would give the world to uncle sam
and abandon there own mother
Scared of their own nuclear power
In fear they might get hurt
They all consume guns and cower
in suberbs were they lurck

Were the death toll is catostrophic
and the people they all suffer
its not a war or plauge the offs them
Its guns used on one another
But the government just lets them be
unless there cought doing drugs
all the prisions are filled you see
With pot addicted slugs

No room for the rapist or the killer
No room for the smuggling freaks
just for the mary jane chiller
with their rosy pot head cheeks (lol)
Yes this land sounds horrible indeed it is
one of the worst worlds in this place
It might come off as a place of biz
but this land is the united states.

""The New Law of Righteousness," that there "shall be no buying or selling, no fairs nor markets, but the whole earth shall be a common treasury for every man," and "there shall be none Lord over others, but every one shall be a Lord of himself.""
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