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Default Sooooo LOST! Gah!

Alright, Richard and I had to split. Dunagan (my ex) found out. Some promise? I don't know it's too confusing but this is mine and Richard's conversation. Sooo lost.

[email protected]: go ahead...i need to eat
[email protected]: lol ok
[email protected]: you better come back
[email protected]: why should i/
[email protected]: ?
[email protected]: cuz you love me
[email protected]: and i'm beautiful
[email protected]: that works
[email protected]: it did?!
[email protected]: yup
[email protected]: wow any particular reason why or what
[email protected]: cause i was done eatin
[email protected]: oh fine
[email protected]: and youre beautifull

...later on...

[email protected]: no you love me that much! atleast i wanna think that
[email protected]: lol
[email protected]: yea, thats it
[email protected]: are you lying>
[email protected]: no
[email protected]: uhm.. courtney thinks you actually are lying about the unofficial lol
[email protected]: no wait she said you're lying if it is
[email protected]: whew she had me lost
car[email protected]: ok do you love me or not!
[email protected]: ...yes
[email protected]:
[email protected]: ok...i didnt ghet a thing you just said...except the last question
[email protected]: neither did i
[email protected]: lol

(carunderwater = me
chargerfan = him)


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