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Originally Posted by Just_a_kid View Post
is it weird NOT to masturbate for pleasure. Cuz ive only done it so that i could see how far i was in puberty. And aparently, Im not very far.
I actually find it kinda displeasing to be thinking about it at one time. And then another I feel like its the best thing to do right at the moment.
It is not unusual for boys to masturbate other than for pleasure as some folks do it out of boredom while others do it to relieve stress. Your case provides another reason to masturbate as you simply wanted to see how far you are in puberty. My point is that masturbating does not always have to be about pleasure.

As for your specific point about your stage in puberty, keep in mind that you don't necessarily have to ejaculate in order to be in advanced puberty. While for many guys an ejaculation is their first sign that they have started puberty for some others they may get all the other signs of puberty such as body hair, increasesd body mass, and deep voice only not to be able to ejaculate. It is not unheard of for guys to be as late as 16/17 and only experience their first ejaculation then. Don't exclusively judge your progress in puberty on your ability to ejaculate, and remember that masturbating falls into the optional category. You don't need to masturbate if you don't feel like it as there is absolutely no requirement to do so in order to be a guy. Once your sex drive kicks in, then you will probably feel like masturbating.

Finally, be confident in yourself as puberty is an awkward time. Remember that you are just as good as any other guy out there, and don't be concerned if you are not exactly like or liked by guys your own age. 13 is a hard age, but once you are out of junior high, then you will be all right.

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