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Default Re: Don't take drugs!

Originally Posted by SpikeJ
Originally Posted by Shaolin
Ok anyone that is taking drugs on this board, should stop immediatly. They damage you in the long term and you could die as a result of their use.

You should stop smoking marijuana because it causes cancer, can aggravate ashtma problems, cause cognitive problems and turn you into a zombie.

If you do drugs you will be caught by the law, because drugs are bad. I have given up drugs completly, because i found out how dangerous drugs really can be.

Will you stop drugs? Or smoking? Or anything that you rely on?
Zombie? k? idunno where you been getting your information on canabis because everything you just said about it is wrong. Around the early 190's 30's weed was thought as the satanic drug that would ruin the youth of of America. OUOTE:From a 1930's scientific conclusion...The effects of marijuana are as followed: the user of canabis will undergo a violent uncontrolled laughter followed by horrifying hallucinations-space expands,time slows down almost still-fixed-ideas...of monstrous extravagances come next-followed by an extreme emotional disturbance that causes you to lose control of your emotions and thoughts-finally ending with a violent act like causeing harm to someone or youself-the long term effect is insanity. Anyone who has smoked any form of weed knows that none of that actually happens. Around that same time that the false information was released, scientists found that marijuana does no such thing to you and has proved to be one-hundred times safer that the ever popular tobacco. In disbelief someone stole the doccuments that had the facts on them and burned them. Never to be visible to anyone else. So long story short... parents,teachers,coaches have probly all lied to you. telling you all the false facts from the 1930's document. choose to believe what you want and choose wisely. It took our society a long time to get used to masturbation, they've told lies about that too. point is i've taken marijuna twice and i can assure that you wont become a zombie(it has no addictive additives in it), basically anything will agitate someone with asthma, it cant cause cancer(but ive heard that it has ONE cigarette additive), And you cant over dose from it (Unless you can smoke a garbage cans worth of pot in a quarter of a second). Basically eating a big-mac from mcdonalds is worse for you than weed. I took it and all it did was make me tired and hungry.
how many times have you smoked it?
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