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Default Re: Does Penis Size Matter?

I think size matters. It's always been...some in small way..some in big ways. I'm 5'10" and this tread made me think how do I fit I had to stop and measure first...hahaha. Anyway...i'm a little over 7 definetly no matter which way I measure it (from pube to the tip...or from low hangers to the tip..its a little over 7 inches). 7 1/4 from top and 7 1/2 from bottom. Now, do you see the trick here? Anyway...why does it matter? Because girls stare..just as like boys do. Listen..I play watersports and I know where they are looking at when I wear my competition speedos. It's not gay because we have too. As much as I hate wearing it, believe me...they look. I wear size 30 pants and they are still loose becuase I have small belt line...mmm probably 29 . Your know size matters...maybe not now but definetly in the future. I am not prould I have a big deek...I am happy it is a little bigger than average. Word of caution: Sitting slowly can save you a world of grief. So they do have some disadvantages too. I hope this helps.
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