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You've already scored twelve today!

"Right now, we are watching the struggle of Nykole and Joseph, while a fat oompa loompa, we'll just call her Steve Ihrckle, is challenging what they have together....I wonder if maybe she is mad because she lost her Twinkie, I dont know....Nykole and Joseph have only 66 days to go....the Ihrckle gets annoyed, but she knows that she can't do anything, not even get up off the couch because she ate all the potato chips and chitlins! Now, Ihrckle makes a fist. Her hand is so heavy, her hand falls down into the blubber and gets stuck...O! And now the bitch is losing, and I don't think she'll win....I think that Nykole and Joseph will win this, folks, yep, this match is all wrapped up. And the post-game celebration, I think that we can all guess."

*on the stadium screen, wedding bells appear*

"Yup folks, okay, we need a wedding cake, about fifty paulbearers to move oompa loompa because her heart gave out from the sugar rush of 10 boxes of Twinkies."

And think, in about 41/2 hours, it will be 65 days!!!!!!!!
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