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Jimmyc, don't post shit like this. It pisses people off. Although you are exactly correct, and I found this out when 2 years ago, you got people who are agnostic saying maybe, but there is maybe still something there, major christ believers screaming to ban you. I believe that all religions are complete bullshit, except for Buddhism. In Buddhism, there's no God, no Heaven or Hell, nothing like that.

In Buddhism, you basically follow 9 rules, such as "Do not Steal", "Do not Kill", or "Do not use sex for personal gain". Look up all of them, if you wish. If you fail, you do not go to Hell. If you fail, you are just reincarnated into another body, and must live out that life without failing. If you succeed, you go to a place called Nirvana. Which is basically a place where you feel light-headed and high for the rest of eternity.

I can't do that in this life, though, because I am too corrupt... Corrupt at age 11... Calling Guiness right now.

As a note I'd like to place that I'm 13 right now.

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