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I hate to say this but i am very VERy anti high school and anti college especialy.

High sucks for several reasons. mainly because it is state ran that makes it state corrupted. Show me a school system that is not corrupt and i will show you that the same school is where beaver cleaver goes to school. Also teachers are underpaid, thus way less likely to do their jobs. Lastly, all public school does anymore is teach students to pass standerized tests. You just aren't learning anytihng anymore except how to get into college. so what are you learning in college?

How to spend money! Ok so i am a college grad, what do you think the employers are going to want to transcript or my degree? Thats right they want to see that litle pretty piece of paper. I'm sorry but 16 weeks of a general subject taught at rote level is going to do anyone anygood. So you are just paying thousands of dollars for a stamped piece of paper.

my $.02
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