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Default Will he make up his mind???

Ok i went to my one friends house we were playin with her dog when her mom comes out and tells us that Chris and max are coming over(chris and max are 2 guys from my grade were all just friends.)
Well they come over and we all get really bored so we decide well play a game with her little bro. outside. Me and chris were on one side of the house and Kerry and max were on the other side. (This is at night)

Me and chris used to talk online. Online he said he liked me and i said i liked him but we never went out. There was this rumor goin around our school that everthing i said to chris online was a lie.

Anyways that night i told chris that everything i said online was true. and then kerry and max called us to come to them so when we were walkin to
kerry and max chris put his arm around me and i put my arm and him.
Kerry came to tell us that we were goin to go inside cause she hated playin with her lil bro.
So we went in the basement and i layed down on the huge bean bag pillow she has and chris layed next to me (i didnt ask him to or anything)i layed next to him for a while he smiled at me and closed his eyes and said he was tired so then i decide ill sit on the sofa and chris got up sat next to me and he put his arm around me and he push me closer to him.
Kerry asked chris if we were goin out he said no. Then kerry asked chris if he liked me and chris said i like her and ally. ally doesnt even like chris 1 bit.

I was like WHAT how come your acting like you want me but you dont even like me 100%.( i didnt say that though i was just think it)

Then my dad came to pick me up (it was like 11:00pm) chris game me a hug goodbye and i left.

In the car on the way home i was thinking why chris likes ally she hates him (i think).

At school on monday i asked him if he was just joking around that night and he said no. then i asked him if he made up his mind between me and ally and he said no. im pretty sure he never will cause kerry asked him who he likes and he said no one now.

He still flirts with me but he also flirts with ally but all bearly flirts back.

Any advice what i should say to chris or what i should do??? Casue i really like him but he cant choose.
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