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very well thought out except for and i quote:
Originally Posted by seditawi
...there is no God, and Christ never came. What happens after he dies, nothing....
if christ never came, how would he die? hmmm....never exsited he wouldnt die. i believe he was real but i dont believe that he was the son of god. and i dont believe that when mary got pregnant and still swore that god knocked her up that joseph would still stay with her. but i dont believe in hevan or hell. you saying that you hope taht there is an afterlife, but based on how this religon is based today there would be baley anyone going to heaven now, if you were to die today, would you go to heaven or hell? ask your self that and then ask what you did that is so horrible tath you deserve an eternity of pain and suffering?. what i believe in is reincarnation. that when we die we are reborn in another body.

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