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Default Re: Sensitive After Coming

Originally Posted by Rain Boy View Post
After I shoot, the head of my penis becomes ultra sensitive to touch, almost painful. I'm uncut, which is supposedly more sensitive anyhow, but does it happen to you, and are you cut or uncut?
well the head of the penis for me after i orgasm, is a line between pleasurable and painful, and its on the pleasurable side. your can be pleasurable too, if you just keep touching the head of the penis under the foreskin. and if that hurts too much, you can just let the water run over it in the shower, until it gets less sensitive then keep touching it. it'll loose its painfulness, but not its sensitivity when you touch it. and when you touch the urethra when theres cum on it, and its acting as a great lube, you can get another orgasm just from touching it.

also, i just noticed this is a bumped thread. damn newbies. go ahead and lock 'er.

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