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Originally Posted by grass
i cant wait 2 do acid it sounds well gd i mite get sum wen i go visit my frend in england and i do ecstasy and im not dead yet
carefull dude, acid is really strong and shouldn't be used in the first place. my sister has told me of two people that have had dangerous encounters with acid: one guy was dared to take two full sheets of blotter acid and went through with it, moments later the guy was screaming in pain as his teeth began to slowly rot out of his mouth; the next day he was put into a metal hospital to recieve immediate treatment because he could tell fantasy from real life. he remained in the mental hospital for 2 months until he was ready to be released, today he has to live with that disturbed memory in his mind that he will never forget. ....The other guy had alot more mild experience, this guy came home late at night under the influence of acid, he proceeded upstairs to his room so he could get some rest. late at night he woke up and looked outside his window, outside he saw a beach and decided to go out of his window and sit on the roof (he has a two story house). He just sat there looking out at his Hallucination of the ocean, luckily he didn't go for a swim (whew) so hes still alive and well today. im not trying to nag you or anything, ive done alcohol and weed and hopefully nothing else. so im not some innocent little bitch trying to make drugs seem like the worst thing in the world. im just saying that this drug has to be taken seriously or youll think that your friend is an alien and end up blowing his brains out.

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