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Death Before Dishonor

It was a stormy day a green sky vividly painted the power of the storm with cold rain and school just letting out. Emily had just walked down the steps of her middle school the rain was pouring and her clothes and body soaked. Her blonde silky hair to her shoulders draggled. The wind blew and the gust caught her attention as she squinted her beautiful hazel eyes so as to not let any rain get in them. She stood at five foot four and wore a baby blue shirt and a blue skirt that was somewhat smooth and silky. With white shoes, a locket, and a dark blue headband.
“Where’s Daddy?...” she whimpered.
“He promised he’d come and get me if something like this was happening..”She muttered,
She frowned at the thought of him forgetting or maybe he didn’t care she wondered. Her eyes started to tear up as she thought of it. Weather alerts had been going off all day in the school about tornado warning’s and watches everywhere. She began to shiver in the cold and sobbing scared, she was alone as everyone walked by her. She thought,
“I’m only ten I don’t want to have to walk home in this alone...!”
Just then a hand reached out and landed on her shoulder it was an older boy about fourteen or fifteen he was five foot eight and had black hair spiked with pink tips a silver watch and a silver choker around his neck a big black baggy shirt with D.B.D. printed on it. He also had a backpack on it was also black with some dark blue on it and he had big long black pants to match the rest of his outfit a sweater thrown over his shoulder and eyes that were dark brown.
“Hi are you okay little girl?...”
He tried to say nice and soothingly realizing how scared she was. She didn’t move. He wrapped his arm around her as she dropped her bag and started to cry in his soothing embrace.
Maybe she needs help getting home she doesn’t seem to have anyone else here to help her and usually you’d think a parent would pick up there child in weather like this He thought for a moment and decided he should help her, there’s no way in the world I’d leave her here in this.
“What’s your name sweetie?” He asked her softly.
“I’m Emily she managed to say in between tears”
“Alright, I’m Kevin. Are you waiting for your parents?”He asked her, while looking around.
“My Daddy said he would be here for me if something like this happened, but he never came...” Emily said meekly looking at him.
“I’ll take you home if you want... and if its okay with you”
She smiled at this and looked up into his eyes as she nodded.
“Where do you live Emily? I’m sure it couldn’t be to far now”
“I... live down wilson rd. on the third house to the right..” she said while seemingly in a trance while staring up at the sky with rain still pouring down on to her. He also looked up in the same general area and then back at her and saw a tear trickle down her cheek. He bent over and wiped it away for her she smiled softly at him and fell into his warm embrace as he dropped his bag.
“Here put this on” He said as he handed his sweater to her.
“Thank you...!” she giggled warm heartedly as she put it on.
It was big and black with silver lines down the sleeves it also had D.B.D. printed on it.
“Hey... um what does the D.B.D. stand for” she questioned him while looking at it.
“It means Death Before Dishonor, I’m from a clan and we discriminate those who hurt the innocent or mistreat those for fun or play and we stop those whom do that” he quickly replied.
“Oh... so basically it’s a club for good guys?” she said with ignorance and innocence.
“Yea sort of like that...”
She smiled feeling safer with him than before. She fumbled as she reached for her bag off the cold wet ground. As she was bending over she gave him a slight little flash of her undies. At that age they’re just adorable and so innocent as cute.. He thought while picking up his bag as well. He put an arm around her and started to walk, we need to get out of this, the weather is horrible and it can’t be good for her to be so cold right now. Looking over at her she was so innocent and cute, there was no excuse to not help her out of this storm. Her eyes were red and puffy from crying so much. Her clothes were soggy and dreadfully cold to be in and the coat he gave her had warmed her but not very much.
“Do you think something will happen, like we’ll get caught in the tornado or something?” she said frightened but trying to obviously hide it.
“Nah... if it did, I’d make sure you’d be safe I wouldn’t let you get hurt.”
He softly reassured her.
When they got to her house they realized her fathers truck was still parked in the driveway.
Odd he thought to himself I thought the father had at least looked for her by now.. Kevin questioned in his mind.
They walked up the front steps to the house it was big and white and on the front porch there were two chairs there also white to match the porch and a little table for drinks or some food. The door was a thick wooden one with a welcome matt that had been used quite often from the looks. She turned the big handle on the door and opened it and they walked into the house. It was an older house but, it was very nice the hallway lead to the kitchen at the far back, the living room to the left and the right to the bedrooms and bathroom. She walked over to the couch in the living room and saw her dad on it drinking a beer staring at the tv, he didn’t seem to have gotten up all day, as if he was just getting out of bed and sitting down to watch some tv and relax, he still had on his pj’s and his slippers were beside the couch.
“Why are you here drinking a beer?, I thought you were going to pick me up today from school!, I know you’ve seen the weather reports... there could have easily been a tornado and we’re still under a tornado warning/watch, she murmured.
Kevin assessed what was going on the father was obviously drunk, and it looked as if her mother wasn’t even living with her at the time.
Should I take her with me? I know I could take care of her until I can make sure her father will be a decent person and actually think of his child’s life before a beer. Kevin reflected.
He saw her as she turned to him and started to tear up, she walked towards him as he put his arms out so she could come closer to him, Kevin wrapped his arms around the crying girl that was sobbing as her father took another sip of his beer.
He bent down and lifted her chin to his big dark brown eyes full of sympathy, he put a hand on her shoulder and kept the other under her small chin.
“Do you want to stay over at my house with me, it might be better...” he soothingly said while looking at her dad on the couch then the tv and back to her hazel, teary eyes.
She quietly nodded her head as her hair was still dripping from the rain outside being so bad, her clothes soaked and desperately she needed something else on before she got sick.
“You go change I’m going to wait right here, okay?” He calmly told her.
“Alright, you promise you’ll still be here?!...” she reluctantly questioned.
“I promise you, I’ll be right here waiting. Now go get your clothes okay.” he suggested as he turned her and gave her a gentle shove in the direction of her bedroom. Kevin walked over to her father and looked him in the eyes sharp and harshly stared him in the face waiting for an explanation.
“Well?!,” Kevin snapped.
“Well?,what?” Her father questioned acting completely innocent.
“You know exactly what, how could you let your daughter walk home in a storm like that all alone, do you have any common sense!.” Kevin growled.
“She’s fine isn’t she, she didn’t need any help Emily made it home alone just fine. There was no need for you to waste our time.”he replied.
“Your so ignorant to believe that you can leave your only daughter out in a storm like that, she could have gotten caught in a tornado if misfortune were to occur, you know as well as I do that was extremely careless on your behalf”Kevin yelled angrily.
Just as he had said that Emily came around, she had heard them talking. She stared at her father realizing that he hadn’t forgotten, and he hadn’t had something to do that kept him from her, he just didn’t care at all...
She began to sob as she looked at her drunken father on the couch with nothing more than his bed clothing on, and a tv remote and a beer.
“You... you... you... really... just don’t care do you...?!” she stammered.
“I was going to come pick you up, just stuff came up and I couldn’t make it!” he shouted.
“No, don’t make excuses!, you know you didn’t pick her up because you were to self absorbed to bother to care for your daughter you drunken fool. She’s going to stay at my house tonight, or until you can get yourself together and realize what you did to her.” Kevin heavily said with the harsh and true words of wisdom he had. He motioned to her to pick her bag up and come over to him, she picked it up stumbling as she walked while staring at her father, whom she loved dearly he just couldn’t show love to her, if any. They walked out the front door and down the walk. Kevin could remember when his parents were irresponsible, and couldn’t even help him when he needed them to do the simplest of things, such as clean up the house a little bit while he was gone, they would lay on the bed or be out drinking instead. His mother left when he was eight, his father was always working and he never had time for him. His stepmother was someone of a strange lot, she wouldn’t talk much to him but she would mention little things such as do your homework but, nothing friendly or sympathetic. His parents owned a two story house, his father and stepmother would live on the bottom, and he lived on the top so as he could play loud music or have friends over at any hour or leave at any hour he so chose. The house was made so that the top and bottom were like completely different buildings it looked very nice and was quite cozy and warm not a house that was bare and boring. They continued to walk hurriedly through the rain. Kevin grabbed her hand as they walked to keep her close so as nothing would happen he knew she wasn’t his child, as he’d like that very much. But if something were to happen to her it would be his responsibility to take blame. Atop of that he didn’t want any harm to come to her, he cared for her he could relate to how hard life can be with a parent like that at least the most he could do was take care of Emily till her father came around and realized what had happened. Her father had done something terrible, and tragic to the poor girl. The wind kept blowing and howling as the rain kept falling heavily, the sky was still greenish brackish color showing that it wasn’t the best time to be outside. But they had to get to his home before anything else no way he would leave her at home with him, it’s just not right to leave a child with a drunk adult. There was his house they walked up the drive to the front door. Scurried into the dark gloomy house and our of the rain. As they came in he dropped his binder onto the couch with a pop, it bounced back up. Her big hazel eyes scanned the dark room, Kevin hit a switch as the dim lamp lit and exposed the room of midnight blue walls explaining why it was so dark, and how come it was still somewhat looking like it was dark. It was a nice house it was the part where his parents lived but they had left on a vacation the week before and wouldn’t get back for at least another week or two.
“We’d better go to the basement well be safer if something were to happen, and we can take a towel and dry off also.” Kevin exclaimed as he handed her a towel. He grabbed her hand, it was cold and she was trembling with fear and unknown certainty wether she was safe or not with him. Kevin knew she was thinking of her father, whom was still at home and probably drunk as he was before. She was scared obviously... as he walked and guided her to the cellar where they would be safer and he could make sure she was out of harms way. There was a couch and a chair down there, they could use those to sleep on he thought. At least he had the house to himself and didn’t need to worry of his parent and step-mom knowing that they would disapprove of him taking care of a girl at his age. Besides he could take care of himself and he knew that as a fact of his own past. He was a very independent person.

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