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Originally Posted by Daracon View Post
I have masturbated once i am only 13 and no semen came out just this funny looking liquid almost like water does anyone know why no semen came out
Originally Posted by Just_a_kid View Post
Thats what is happening to me now. And IM thirteen.
The basic answer to both of your questions is that your body just has not started semen production, yet, which is not uncommon for 13 year olds. There are guys as old as 16 who experience their first ejaculation, and you both have nothing about which to worry. You don't need to ejaculate to actually enjoy masturbating, and having dry orgasms has distinct advantages.

As for Daracon, my guess is that you had some pre-cum develop which lubricates your urethra prior to an ejaculation. My guess is that you are getting really close to having your first ejaculation.
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