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Default Re: Good Morning ~ Good Night

cody, i live 2 1/2 hours from you, wheres its like -10 out now, and theres no snow, but we have a wind storm. theres no leaves on the trees. the shingles on me shed are rolled up, eh b'y? the folliage is blowed off of me rasberry bushes. we were having a barbeque when the wind picked up real bad. i looked down over the side of me deck, and there they were, 17 of 'em. not a stitch of clothing left on there bodies. nothing left but the rubber from the bottom of their sneaker boots and that was still melting. even their frizzies was blown away eh? i did what i could, i offered em a beer. they never had a vocal cord to accept it eh? blowed out of them or somthing. eee. eeeee. they all turned and left like they wasnt coming back. there was an Xray of every one of them left on the side of me house.

anyways, its 4:14 P.M. nice afternoon isn't it?

Been here on VT so long,
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