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Name: Cassie
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I thought i was over weight when i was 12. i was 5"6 and 120 pounds. my friends were all skinner then me. i did a little crash dieting. crash dieting is when you pick one food thats very health n low carb n just eat that n drink water for a short peirod of time. i used to use cottage cheese. its high in protein and u can buy it low fat.

im 14 now and i relized that wasnt good for me. im almost 5"8 and between 110-125 pounds.
i walk/run about 3-10 miles a week. i mostly eat fruit vegys salad with low fat dressing milk cottage cheese and healthy sanwiches on weat bread. and everyonce and a while ill have ice cream cake etc. but thats at the most 1ce every 2 weeks. im not depressed im cool with my wait now.

oh and another thing get involved with sports at ur school i run track and play basketball. helps keep u fit. if u start to gain weight from working out remember mussel weights more then fat
Good luck

FInd the average weight for how tall and how old you are. try to get your weight some where around there.

im below average for my height but im healthy
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