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Originally Posted by Just_a_kid View Post
well, the only way i can describe an orgasm is that it gets so pleasurable throughout the whole penis that it gets numb except for the very tip
But its weird because I cant masturbate in pure daylight. Well, i can but i cant get anything to happen unless i close my eyes and imagine whats happening in my head.
To be frank, having arousing thoughts is critical to having an orgasm, and the mood is critical to being able to enjoy sexual acts. I also find it hard to jack off in a room flooded with sunlight, and I also need to close my eyes to imagine what is happening. Basically, masturbating is enjoying sensations and not thinking them through if that makes any sense. Don't worry if you cannot ejaculate as you cannot make your body produce something that does not exist. If anything, dry orgasms do have the distinct advantage of no clean up, and you are getting most of the feelings of an orgasm even if you cannot ejaculate. Just give yourself time as you will be fine, and you are fine just the way you are.

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