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Default Re: Question about asking girls out.. some help plz =D

Originally Posted by 2Spicy
Hey guys,
Ok theres this girl i like.. i mean she has the best personality, is incredibly sweet, pretty, funny, and everything else a guy could ask for.. shes given me a letter saying basically " i have to confess something.. i really like you.. think you're cute.. etc etc... there were some jokes in there . like everyone thinks of me as a REAL nice guy... so nice that she jokes around and calls me her sister. well in the letter she said basically "so will you be my sister? think about it and answer (then a heart)."

after reading this i thought basically "she likes me , and is she asking me out?" i was happy obviously .. but then i heard things from friends that she didnt mean it 100% seriously... but after the letter she acted much more closely to me than ever before...

honestly i dont know whats going on.. i dont know what she thinks.. .i dont know how she feels about me truly..

i dont know what to do. and to add to the problem, shes 2 years older than me (though in the same grade). im 17 shes 19 (both seniors).

Any help would be much appreciated ... advice + also would like to know in general "how to ask a girl out"..

EDIT: oh woops. i didnt know how to edit. i wasnt logged in so i clicked on quote thinking that was edit... woops..
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