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theres this girl in my english class and i mean she is like WOW! she is absolutely f-ing gourgeous and i mean she has got a great personality. (there goes the things about beautiful girls are bitches or stuckup) anyway, i told my best mate that i really really liked her and how i couldnt stop thinking about her. and he was like... so what? you fancy her....its no big deal. and im like its a big deal to me because the nearly all the girlfriends that i have had (3) (no offence) have been the rejects of society (not handicapped or anything just like fat wierd people). Then a few days later i ask one of her mates if i could have her e-mail address and he tells me to "Fuck off you bastard perve". so i was really pissed off by that and then i just forget about it for the next few days.

Then a few days later i have to go to the cathedral during school and do some stuff like helping and everything and she is there. and then some fucking year 9 goes up to her as i am walking in her direction. oi! x, he really fancies you! and then she yells "no he doesnt" i then i get really embarrased and everyone else who is there is like "yes he does, he is getting embarresed and then i start walking away. so now she knows that i fancy her but she doesnt know how much. then i have a go at my mate for telling everyone that i fancy her and i just go home.

when i am at home i go online and one of my good friends Q is on there and i tell her what happened and she is like just talk to her and im sure she will understand and hopefully go out with you. but the thing is i am really embarassed to tell her just incase she has a boyfriend already and that i will make an absolute joke of my self (which i dont want to do with proms like 7 months round the corner!) at the moment i am drinking coffee, writing this and contemplating on what i should do. Please HELP!!
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