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Default modding my pc

i am currently giving my pc a good old re-vamp - clear panels, neons, uv cathodes and lots of L.E.D's (light emmiting diodes). Now i have ordered 100 bi-coloured LED's from, but i am having trouble.

because these are led's that work with FV and RV (forward voltage and Reverse Voltage) these produce different colours. What i want to do is thke the 5V pins out of the molex plug on the powersupply and solder them directly to a pcb that i am going to make. what i want to know is there anybody who could design me a pcb of where i have a slide switch, that when in one position all the led's are one colour and when the slide switch is in the other position, they are all the other colour. I am going to have clusters of led's in parralel so that they don't lose power, so that there are 5 leds to a cluster and 20 clusters. i really need a way of switching the current over manually so that i can choose when they are either red, or green.

if you can help i would really apriciate it as it would be a wonderful project!

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