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My laptop did pretty good. I'm sure it had a score of just over 3000 last time I did it. I can't find the screenshot, so, I'll just mess with the drivers and settings later, and try it again. Nothing's overclocked in the computer, either.

Don't really trust overclocking on my laptop. Still, I think it was pretty good getting a 2700 score when your alienware laptop that has atleast twice the ram (is it 128 or 256?) and twice the ram. I'm using the Regular ATI Catalyst drivers. I'll mess with all that later. Still got a "WWOW!!" label on that other thingy.

I think it's kind of funny, though, that my laptop only cost 1000$ (can get it for a little less some places) when that alienware that got the same score cost 3000. Hmm... I mean, it doesn't have the best video card, I'd like more ram, and the HDD is only 4200, but still. Works pretty good for most everything.

That score on my desktop is pathetic. I probably should have disabled the graphic stuff I had running. Maybe I will later. Kind of supposed to be writing an essay right now. (Yay for distractions)

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pwned again
Is that a desktop or a laptop? Was it a AMD 64 3400? And, it's a Radeon 9600 128meg right?

That's what my laptop is. Except the CPU is 3400+ 2.2GHz and Radeon 9600 64 Meg.

- Bill
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