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sorry girl're his gf...if it takes talking to a different person to get him out of his brat mood that's not good..and I know that sometimes guys are just in a bad mood..Joseph gets kinda snappy sometimes and I just tell I understand that you're going through something hard right now and all I'm trying to do is be here for you..I'm so very proud of you baby but you need to stop talkin to me like that....a lot of times before I say anything he'll be like I needa take a breath real quick, I don't wanna take anything out on you. and after I tell him or after he gets back he's just full of apologies and I love yous...isn't that the way it should be? 0_o

anyway, sounds to me like he wants to have you by the throat (just an he wants the power and he sounds like a selfish person....

I love you though ash and I wish you the best maybe he was just having a bad day

"An it harm none, do what ye will."
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