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I really don't believe you. You still think I'm racist. I'm crushed. I said indeed....indeed, to a small portion, of a factual statement. that stated that people arent equal. if i said all people are different would you jump my case then. I think that, in america, because the majority of the citizens are white bastards, they have dictated blacks, and, because of racism, have forced them into poverty. Because the majority of blacks are in poverty they have been forced to commit more crimes to make ends meet, thus, being tossed into jail, by the white man, because he is racist. And then, once again because of black being forced into poverty, they will have suffered a lower education. Are whites better then blacks in any way whatsoevery. no. Are they equal....It doesnt take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. should they be given the same oppritunities, yes, they should. But as long as the majority of the population remains evil white racist, I fear that they never will. I grew up in San Antonio Tx, its my homeland, And I went to a very diverse school from the time I was very little. Hispanics, blacks, whites, asians, they all found refuge their. Was their racism in the school, your damn right their was, but it really wasnt the older students being racist, it was all the new students that were racits. Why? because all the old didnt know that the world thought higher or lower then them. At that point in time, they were the same, and it was beutiful. But when my parents split and I moved to Arkansas, my god, it was like a whole new world. People hated me, cuz I looked slightly arab, or as they would say, a bener. And I wasnt, but if I corrected them and Said I was fromt the middle east they would freak, so I said I was Jewish, and good lord, 1000's of isolated babtists could not fit it in their head that I didnt believe in Jesus. Ugh. But Now I'm In Austin TX, and the diversity and acceptance it back. And If ive learnd one thing its that Even though I wish that all races were considerd equal, and everyone was treated with the same respect, It will never be like that here, in america. Just because you black, arab, white, asian, hispanic. That makes you no less of a man or woman then the next. Are you different, of course you are, thats what makes you you. Are you equal, sadly no, your not considered that here in america, the land of the equal rights, and all men are created equal. You just cant say your equl because you wanna be, you have to look at the facts. Despite you lust for equlity, you fail to reolize that all men are not created equal no matter how much you want them to be. But you white, its easy for you to say I'm equal, of course you are, but try being one of the most hated nationinatils in america, you thoughts of equality are greatly shattered.

""The New Law of Righteousness," that there "shall be no buying or selling, no fairs nor markets, but the whole earth shall be a common treasury for every man," and "there shall be none Lord over others, but every one shall be a Lord of himself.""
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