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haha calm down every one its a debate dont take it so seriously, some people are racist thats the way they choose to be, if you are going to get all gr about it thats like some one getting gr at some one for being gay......i used to be racist but then i realized it wasn't all the people who were doing it.....just a certain area of people dad was racist, so i always thought what he thought, but times have changed........its not true black people commit more crimes, it just matters the areas..........if you go to a poor white neighboorhood and a poor black neighboorhood you dont know which would commit more crimes.....all that depends on the situation and how the person was raised, ok a lot of black people are racist (becasue they heard there parents talk about how bad it was) and they try to bring their kids up racist.......then white people get mad....then its a giant web of hate lol.........

<3 Katie
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