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Originally Posted by slavetosociety
Originally Posted by *}Whisper{*
Like for instance why arent those three {.Swirling Blue. | nwshc | slavetosociety} ^ banned?
or at the very least frozen for a short time pending a second chance
Because what there doing is disgusting

If bashing gays on here is not allowed {I agree with that rule too}
Then why isnt racisim bashing against the rules aswell?

Nick yes it is racisim
if you can't even see that....god I dont even understand how someone could think like that

why should i be banned. I am one of the least racist people in world, and I'm bisexual. how could i be a gay basher or a racist. what did i say that was racist. I have never in my life been so horribly offended by a comment. I will never EVER say a racist comment. I cannot believe you would say that, I'm aw struck, omg how dare you! you sick bastard. Don't you dare call me racist, I cant believe you. UGH, I dont know what to even say, I'm struck with silence, And I'm going right to an administrator with this, I will not be called racist and do nothing. You have broken the bond of friendship that we shared, And I will never forgive you for saying that. AHH, so angry, I really cant stand that, please tell me that you misunderstood me. and to say I should be banned, good lord, thats just awful and for what, MY GOD ive lost my mind. I'm infuriated, why? why did you say that. Apologize to me! You hurt my feelings really bad, or can you not tell, I....I....I'm very hurt, offended, and aw struck. And I know I'm repeting myself a billion times, but really, Me racist...I just don't think you heard me right.....i dont even think its possible...I'm not even white, or really consider myself american, and were I'm from, there is not raceism...well, their is aginst palistine, but still, not i. i'm not racist and I will not tolerate such comments.
wow someone fucking forgot their tampons today :rollseyes and snickers:
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