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Calm down
I can't believe your having a temper tantrum, honestly how old are you?

I'm not twisting your words I’m seeing them for exactly what they are

Lets take a closer look at what you've agreed upon shall we.
Originally Posted by nwshc
Originally Posted by .Swirling Blues.
Not true at all. Inequality for example, black and whites, blacks tend to be less intelligent and less knowledgeable. Their background truly makes them non-equivalent. Humans aren’t equal. That’s bull shit. Humans should have the same rights, yes...but people are always going to be different and need to fall into an excepting society.

"blacks tend to be less intelligent and less knowledgeable. Their background truly makes them non-equivalent."

hmmmm sounds to me like Austin has singled out all blacks and said that there less intelligent then whites, not only has he done this BUT he has done it with zero proof. How does your skin color dictate your intelligence? "their background" I'm not even sure what he means by that...I'm guessing he's saying that there all poor which isn’t true at all the girl I know comes from an extremely rich family and has the best that money can buy her as per opportunities for her future.

Originally Posted by slavetosociety
And if you don't believe people arent equal, then how do you explain this: MENTALY CHALLENGED, SHIZO'S, Any minoity. Should all people get the same oppritunities YESYESYESYESYES, are all people equal NONONONONONONONO,
Yes I agree everybody deserves the same opertunitys

BUT your telling me that Josh is below you because he's a Schizo....hmmm your right i do strongly disagree with you there is Josh diffrent? yes but he is still equal!!! Just look around, look at VT at what Josh has done, the thousand of teens he's helped.
I think Josh is very bright
and I have allot of respect for him
Why do you belive hes not an equal

oh and you still havent answered my last question

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