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the hardest thing to do is pick sides among the people you love.
sadly it has to be done though.

ok first off, .osdjfl;skjf

ok nick. showing statistics is different than saying all black people are stupid. you offered no proof whatsoever for that statement and then berated cody when he pointed out ur flaws. if you came up with some kind of graph or something that like compared SAT scores or STAR testing scores across nationalities... but really, that was a little racist. you cant just say black people are unintelligent, as if what white people are geniuses by default? i have a black friend named terrence. he gets better grades than i do. hes just as smart as all my other white friends you well at cody for playing the "race card" as billl oreilly likes to say, when really youve been dealing that card this whole thread. nick dont be mad at me i still loveyou
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