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Default =( Help.. please

[email protected]: hey i gotta ask you something
(2 hours silence)
[email protected]: what?
[email protected]: whoa you scared me
[email protected]: what do you wanna as k me...quick
[email protected]: nevermind
[email protected]: oh no....what is it?
[email protected]: nevermind
[email protected]: ok
[email protected]: ok
[email protected]: so yeah sorry for making you waste like 3 minutes of your life on that

[email protected]: wtf is youre dad was yelling at me and you had a said never mind so i left.......any way i have too go get yelled at more...have a nice day
[email protected]: i'm sorry i was just saying sorry if i made you mad hun. i love you.
[email protected]: and i didn't remember what i was going to ask you after that so yeah as i said, sorry if i made you mad though

The blue is me, the yellow is him.
I didn't know he was upset or anything. I don't think that he is coming back tonight though. Help me.. please. I don't know what to do.

lil' ashes
i don't need pills
when i have a drug like you.

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