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Originally Posted by nwshc
US Lawmakers are trying to pass a law to compleatly ban Junk food in public schools. Do you agree?

I say no. Please, by all means, give us healthy choises(cuz there isnt that many. Just about everything is fried or sugar laden) but if some stupid kid wants to shove 5 choco chip cookies down his throat, then be my guest.
I agree. People need to start having more common sense rather then having options forced onto them. If you want to eat 5 cookies as opposed to one or a nutricious fruit bar, not my problem, you're only fucking yourself. You see, by forcing such options people lose their reasoning ability, which I think is important.

So let people make their own choices, it has no bearing on the grand scheme of things, just their personal issues which they need to address themselves, not us. Leave the sugar encrusted heart-attack inducing treats as far as I'm concerned.

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