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Default Re: so called family

Originally Posted by Gatwick
What do you call a family? Am i suposed to believe I'm part of a family when everyones at each others throughts whenever we see each toher, and always end up stomping off in different directions at family dinners? Im fed up with this shit. I can't wait to get out of here.
That's millions of familys hun
Mine included

Just hold on
Just a lil longer
and boom your a pilot incharge of international flights on that blue jet in your sig cause thats the sexyist plane i've ever seen!
with your sexy male copilot right by your side

And if you tell me that "face it i'm just gonna be a bum" crap on more time I will come whip your ass!

I wanna go see the academy anyway
so it's possible
dont tempt me

I don't care if I have to track you threw that ineptly developed school
there will be no escape

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